January 2016, Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN:

“It was great fun participating in the project at the Weisman today and it was awesome to see you interacting with these students. You have a gift - but I am sure that is something you are totally aware of. Two of the girls at the table I volunteered with actually told me their mothers signed them up and they sounded somewhat reluctant even saying that mothers should not have technology! But as soon as you started, they were hooked. And they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!”
~ Jean, volunteer.

June 2012, Glowtown Participants, Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY:


April 2011, The Weekly Sun, Ketchum, Idaho:

“I think it’s awesome that you can make stuff out of anything. I’m so glad I came. This is the first time I’ve ever built stuff out of junk. It’s really fun!”
~ David Rau, 9 year old elementary student

“This is a fantastic opportunity. They’re learning how to work together and they’re learning about possibilities.”
~ Mary Rau, mother of 9 year old participant

“This teaches the children to use the resources at hand and it teaches teamwork.”
~ Julie Ward, community leader who helped organize the workshop.

Watch this report from the local Ketchum news channel (KMTV).


May 2010, Dodge Globe, Greensburg, Kansas:

“Students in Greensburg completed a weeklong project [organized by the 5.4.7. Arts Center] under the supervision of nationally known artist, Sharon Louden. Louden has worked with education departments of museums all over the country to guide the creation of fantasy towns made of simple materials and painted with fluorescent paint to transform into a completely different visual experience when seen in the dark.”


November 2008, Assistant Curator of Education at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, Alabama:

"Glow Town with Sharon Louden is absolutely the most exciting workshop for adults and families that I have ever participated in! Sharon's energy is contagious and it is fascinating to watch strangers emerge as teams as they work together to create their own glowing towns. Glow Town is a fun learning experience on so many levels- it promotes teamwork, it teaches people how to use the resources they have on hand, and the glow in the dark paint adds another dimension to this ultra-cool and ultra-fun workshop. Sharon makes each and every participant feel as though they have the power to create whatever they want and she is there cheering them on. I would recommend this workshop to anyone. It is something you will regret not participating in if you have the opportunity!"

The local Birmingham news channel (WIAT 42) covered this workshop: